Historical Novels by JOANNE M MCCARRON


Two women – centuries apart – bound by a precious brooch with a song of love still vibrating in its crystalline memory.

Lesley Seymour is a gifted jeweller in modern day Melbourne who longs to find enduring love. She is haunted by dreams of an ornate brooch and a sad young woman with dark curls and dark eyes – Ally O’Leary – whose ardent love and terrible grief cries out across the centuries for response. Lesley finds a link to Ally, and the mysterious brooch, via a photo of John Boyle O’Reilly, a convict who escaped from the West Australian penal colony of Bunbury in 1869. Stung by the recent split from her fiance and the reappearance of the man she always believed she would marry, Cameron Donne, Lesley sets about tracing the history of the convict, and the brooch, only to find they lead her back to Ally and to an event in her own family’s past. But can she prevent history from tragically repeating itself?

With the unfolding of seemingly unrelated events and through it Cameron’s unwavering fidelity to her, she comes to understand that,

in love, time stands still,

in love, two are one,

in love, in the field of possibilities,

anything is possible, especially the extraordinary.

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