Historical Novels by JOANNE M MCCARRON

Coventina’s Well

The Sacred Feminine – all very fascinating, but what has it really got to do with modern women?

Jane is haunted over a tragic incident that happened when she was fourteen. Why hadn’t she been paying attention to what was real instead of playing with that infuriating mythical puzzle? Now Amber, her beautiful ten year old daughter is missing, lost in the reserve forest or worse – why wasn’t she paying attention – again?

Cheryl is persistent – there’s no question about that. She is also exhausted, like severe adrenal exhaustion exhausted. Talented, hard-working, ethical, what is it that continually obstructs and eludes her from living the life she wants?

Skye is young, newly engaged to the man she loves and has a job organising travel-groups to sacred, historic and exciting places around the globe; the world is her oyster. But the world is in such a mess, she worries about the future, even wonders if she should have any children. Is there something in the worldwide re-awakening of the Sacred Feminine that can show her a better way forward and give her the reassurance she seeks?

Three women. Three different histories, personalities, generations.

Is there something, some ancient wisdom, that connects them all and can answer them all?