The Singing Stone

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There’s charm, and there’s something warm and haunting in Joanne McCarron’s manuscript Silvery Elms, The Singing Stone. Fairylands have no time and place – but this one hovers around a very Australian property, and the dissonance between the two is most delightfully and delicately managed. The climax of the story is one of those heart-stopping moments that could be a defining moment for a child susceptible to the enchantment of storytelling. … Silvery Elms, The Singing Stone … stands wonderingly in an enchanted space, and can take young readers there. I do commend Anna and her secrets and discoveries to your attention.

Peter Bishop, Founding Creative Director, Varuna – The National Writers’ House (

Joanne has created a delightful story full of magic and mystery. Children will find Anna and her adventures enthralling. Silvery Elms, The Singing Stone is well written in a style that is readily accessible to children. There are nuggets of wisdom throughout the story and I am sure it will become a firm favourite of children.

Petrea King, Children’s Author and CEO, Quest for Life Foundation) (

I think this is a very good story. Joanne has written at an interest and language level that suits this age of readers. There is a great sense of atmosphere and the development of the characters, especially Anna, has been excellent….It has been very well conceived and written.

Michael Pyne, Tutor, The Writing School (

The Kaleidoscope

There’s a child’s sense of wonder in the heartbeat of this book. It speaks from the magic faraway tree of childhood.
As an adult reader I read with a poignant sense of loss – the magic faraway tree is so very far away when you’re over 60!
This is a book I would love to remember from my childhood –and I know that in fifty years or so there will be many children remembering its magical world with gratitude.

Peter Bishop, Founding Creative Director, Varuna – The National Writers’ House (


A Harp of Truest Tone

A good book with great potential…I enjoyed reading it 

Craig CormickAward winning writer (